Although RBLI strive to offer the best service possible to all our customers, we accept that occasionally clients may not be entirely happy with the service they have received whilst on the Work Programme. As such RBLI have a complaints procedure in place that clients are able to use.

The process is as follows:

Clients are able to make a formal complaint at any point during their time on the Work Programme and are able to make a complaint in the format which they feel most comfortable with e.g. verbally, via phone or email or via a third party etc.

In the first instance we would encourage clients to complain to their adviser or their advisers Line Manager.
If a client feels that their complaint has not been dealt with sufficiently then this can be escalated through to more senior levels.

If a client is still not happy with the outcome they can complain to G4S directly using the G4S Complaints Form and by referencing the G4S Complaints procedure leaflet, which is displayed in each office and is also given to all customers at their induction.

RBLI contact details:

Details regarding who the Line Manager at each office, or for contact details of other senior members of staff who can deal with a complaint, can be obtained within each relevant office or by contacting Head Office via the RBLI contact details below :

Telephone: 01622 795900 Email:

G4S Complaints contact details:

Alternatively, clients can email G4S direct via the following email Further information regarding the G4S complaints procedure is available on the G4S website at the following Link