10 Top Tips for Promoting Your Fundraiser on Social Media!

Our top tips on how to promote your fundraising challenge online to encourage sponsors to donate to your cause!
Top Tip 1
Promote your selfie
  Fundraisers with pictures or videos on their page raise 14% more per photo. A perfect excuse for a #selfie.
Top Tip 2
Tell Your Personal Story
  Why do you care? Tell your story about why you are fundraising, people respond to a personal story much more than generic text.
Top Tip 3
Shoot for a Target
Pages with a target raise 46% more. Aim high and tell the world.
Top Tip 4
People tend to match what has already been pledged.
So send your donation page to those who will be most generous or kick start things yourself by doing an anonymous donation
Top Tip 5
Don’t forget to share
Sharing on Facebook, social media and WhatsApp raises more. Don’t be afraid, people want to hear about the good things you are doing. Don’t forget about email there are lots of your friends, colleagues and neighbours who are not on social networks but would love to hear about what you are doing.
Top Tip 6
Add a video or livestream
Add a video as a cover photo by adding a YouTube link. Videos really help tell your story and why your cause is so important.
Top Tip 7
Email Signature
Add your online fundraising page as a link on the bottom of your email signature with a brief explanation of why you are taking on the challenge.
Top Tip 8
Update your page
Let supporters know how you are doing by updating your page often, they will enjoy following your progress.
Top Tip 9
Encourage Others
  Convince your friends to take part and raise money as well …as it makes the experience more fun! People may not sponsor you the first time you ask so send an occasional reminder.
Top Tip 10
It’s not over ’til it’s over
  20% of donations come in after an event has ended, so make sure you follow up the event with an update about how you did.

And don’t forget to say a big thank you to everyone who sponsored you!