Our Fundraising Top tips!

Whether you are a fundraising pro or this is your first event with us, follow our top tips below to get the most out of your fundraising efforts!
Top Tip 1
Choose an Event you’ll enjoy

Choose an activity you will enjoy organising. If people see that you’re having a good time they are more likely to support you.

Top Tip 2
Keep It Simple

The best fundraising projects are often the simplest. Be realistic about your time and cost your event carefully.
Keep a checklist so you know exactly what needs to be done at each stage.

Top Tip 3
Check the date!

Check the calendar for any clashes such as a big football match or a friend’s birthday!

Top Tip 4
Work out a budget

Set yourself a fundraising target and make sure it’s around three times as much as you spend.

Top Tip 5
Tell everyone about your event

Promote your event online and offline! Poster and flyers are a simple way to spread the word in your community. Social media is a great and simple way of communicating your event, run or challenge to your friends and family, and can create a real buzz.

Top Tip 6
Use Social Media

If you have a personal reason for supporting us and are happy to share your story add this into your posts and any press releases. It will help your supporters feel connected to you, your event and us.

Top Tip 7
Try to keep costs down

Ask local businesses to help out. You could ask if they would donate raffle prizes or cover the cost of printing leaflets or posters about your event.

Top Tip 8
Thank everyone

After the event remember to thank everyone who helped out or supported you. Let them know how much you’ve raised and thank them for their support.

Top Tip 9
Get in touch with us

Register your event so we can support you and provide you with free fundraising materials, like stickers and blank posters with space to write details of your events, RBLI branded signs, and collection tins.

Top Tip 10
Pay in your money!

Please try and send in your donations as you receive them. That way we can ensure your fundraising gets to the people who need it the most. Thank you!

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