Fundraising Toolkit

Everything you need to get your fundraiser started and rolling!
Fundraising Pack

This fundraising pack contains everything you need to know to get started! A history of RBLI and who your money will be benefitting, guidance on how to get started and how to promote your fundraiser, how to pay in your money and a sponsorship form to collect donations!

Fundraising Tips

Our Top tips for getting the most out of your fundraising efforts!

Social Media Assets

Social media can help build a real buzz around your event. From the moment you start planning your event, keep your supporters updated. Use Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, to help spread the word about your fundraiser and why you are supporting us.

Now it’s time to start promoting your fundraiser and encouraging people you know to support you or join in too! Use our pre made posts to let people know you’re raising money for RBLI!

Don’t forget to tag us – @rblicharity on Instagram and @RoyalBritishLegionIndustries on Facebook – so we can see your amazing work!

Promotional Materials

Put up posters, send out leaflets or let your local newspaper know what you’re up to for so that people nearby know what amazing things your doing and encourage them to donate!