24th June 2022

Barratt Dementia Garden Finished

Graduates working for the country’s largest home builder, Barratt Developments successfully raised the money to completer the new £20,000 garden which is placed alongside RBLI’s 50-bed care home Bradbury house, and will feature raised flowerbeds to ensure the garden is wheelchair accessible. This will all be within a courtyard designed specifically for residents facing challenges due to dementia.

The graduates worked along side dementia specialists to ensure the courtyard incorporates the latest expert advice on how best to layout a dementia garden, so it is usable and accessible to as many residents as possible within the care home.

This project is the latest in an ongoing relationship between RBLI and Barratt Developments after the home builder donated £750,000 to RBLI’s Centenary Village – a £22 million development which will become a beacon of veteran welfare in the heart of Kent, providing crucial accommodation and welfare support to hundreds of ex-service personnel every year.