18th March 2020

Royal British Legion Industries: COVID-19 update

As a charity which has provided crucial support to veterans and people with disabilities for more than a century, Royal British Legion Industries prides itself on ensuring that not one of our beneficiaries is left behind.

The wellbeing of RBLI beneficiaries, village residents and employees is our number one priority, and our charity remains committed to continuing to provide its wide-range of services for those who need it most in light of the recent developments of the COVID-19 virus.

Our charity has taken all reasonable measures to ensure that the wellbeing of our beneficiaries and our staff is upheld, with additional measures taken for those whom we support who are most vulnerable.

We took actions early and we will continue to take actions in line with guidance from Government and the relevant health bodies as and when the situation develops.

As a charity which supports more than 17,000 individuals every year, we rely on the kindness and generosity of the community to enable us to provide our wide range of services for those who need it most.

Whether that be through our Aylesford village which offers a home and tailored welfare support to veterans and their families, or our social enterprises which provide meaningful and rewarding employment to veterans and people with disabilities.

Our generous supporters in Kent, Surrey and Renfrewshire and across the whole country, are the people who make what we do possible.

What looks increasingly likely is that the events we will be holding over the next few months to encourage support will no longer go ahead. This on-going issue will have an effect on how easily we can deliver our range of services. In light of this, we want to encourage supporters of our charity to consider how else they can support us ensuring that we can continue our great work.

Over the coming weeks, please continue to get in touch with us via our fundraising team and keep a close eye on our social media channels to see how you can support the country’s most vulnerable veterans at this time. We will be showcasing how we are continuing our industry-leading support of veterans, their families and people with disabilities.

Your continued support at this time, which presents a challenge for all of us, is crucial in our ability to continue to improve lives every day.

Contact our fundraising department at [email protected] and find us on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin

Royal British Legion Industries Chief Executive Steve Sherry CMG OBE