29th December 2022

Telegraph Appeal Generates 22 Homeless Referrals in a Single Day

The Telegraph Christmas Charity appeal has triggered a growth in demand for emergency accommodation for veterans, with 22 referrals in a single day.

As Part of the Christmas Charity appeal the Telegraph spoke to a number of residents on the RBLI village in Aylesford. Some of which have been helped into full time accommodation. Alan Matthews a resident on RBLI’s new Centenary Village spoke the telegraph about his PTSD challenges. The charity found Alan a spot in Mountbatten Pavilion in the historic RBLI Village in Aylesford, Kent, where he arrived in April 2020. It offers emergency accommodation for veterans. Mountbatten has 28 rooms, shared facilities and an on-site team who offer counselling, practical advice and access to LifeWorks, a programme that offers training and support for veterans seeking employment opportunities.

Upon the release of the telegraph article RBLI received a number of referrals with regards to homeless veterans. This highlights the importance of RBLI’s work alongside the new centenary village and the growing development of the village in order to provide vulnerable veterans with the support and care they need.