4th June 2019

National Volunteers' Week - Volunteer in the Spotlight - Edward Belton

Edward began volunteering with RBLI in 2016 to support his learning at Mid Kent College. Over the last three years Edward has grown in confidence to become an integral part of the fulfilment team in Britain’s Bravest Manufacturing Company.

“I go to Mid Kent College and come and volunteer at RBLI every Thursday, which I love. I get to do lots of different jobs within the factory and volunteering here has helped me learn plenty of new skills. I have learnt a lot about teamwork being here and the people here are really nice, helpful and friendly.

My time here has been amazing and has really helped my confidence. When I started I was quite shy and didn’t really like talking to new people. Now my confidence has improved and its building up every day. RBLI can help people be more independent, they have for me.

My best memory of being at RBLI is winning a Volunteer of the Year award. My mum and dad were there and saw me win the award and it made me feel great and really proud.”

Edward has made a big impression on those in our fulfilment team and Tim Brown, Fulfilment Cell Supervisor states:

Edward is one of our stars.  He has grown so much in confidence since I have known him.  He is actively engaged in everything that is going on, listens and thinks about what he has heard and then offers his opinion.  Edward is an ambassador for RBLI, displaying the qualities that are very important to us.  He is a kind, compassionate and engaging individual that is at the heart of happenings on the shop floor. RBLI could do with more Edwards.”

Edward’s time at RBLI has also created a notable difference outside of the organisation with his parents Jackie & Tony stating:

“We are immensely proud of Edward and his achievements.

Edward has faced many challenges in his life and will have many more to come. With the support of organisations like RBLI we are sure he will continue to grow.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank RBLI, especially Tim Brown and David Church. Your support and guidance for people with issues is fantastic. You have helped Edward in so many ways to develop into the person he is today.”

If you are interested in finding out more then please get in touch with the RBLI’s volunteering Team, either by email on [email protected] or by phone on 01622 795924