6th June 2019

National Volunteers' Week - Volunteer in the Spotlight - Ian and Sue Sharp

Ian and Sue Sharp started volunteering with RBLI in September last year, following a call out for help with packaging the WW1 Tommies RBLI produced for the There But Not There campaign during 2018.

“Over the years we had talked about volunteering, but never did anything about it.  Seeing the talk at our Active Retirement Association meeting last year, we saw helping with the Tommies as the perfect thing to do.”

The project finished at Christmas, but Ian and Sue have continued supporting RBLI by being regular volunteers in our Social Enterprise, Bravest Manufacturing Company, “We make time in our week, we now feel part of the team and we don’t want to let the others down.”

Ian said “We like helping out. Once you retire, it is all too easy to become sedentary and getting involved helps stop that happening. It is a nice place to volunteer and is very different volunteering to the normal volunteering roles. It helps that we come together.”

Sue said “I think it is a lovely thing that RBLI do, supporting the veterans and providing housing, it is a fantastic concept, which is why we want to volunteer and help out”

Ian and Sue have been an immense help to the team as reflected by Tim Brown Fulfilment Cell Leader, “Ian and Sue Sharp are stars.  Whatever they are asked to do for us they excel and always work at a fast pace.  They are extremely diligent and ensure that all their jobs are finished to a very high standard.  They are good ambassadors for RBLI, speaking highly of us when spoken to by visitors. They display the qualities that are very important to us.  They are kind, compassionate and easily engage with other staff and volunteers. The work they produce really does make a difference in weekly production figures.”

If you are interested in finding out more then please get in touch with the RBLI’s volunteering Team, either by email on [email protected] or by phone on 01622 795924.